Friday, March 04, 2005

The b sharps jamming out at the UNB red and black revue. Joey Stilwell on guitar, Matt Steeves on Drums and Myself on Bass. We played a 7 part original funk riff called "Bohemoth in Flight". It is a metaphor of how the song is like watching a big awesome bohemoth funk sound take off and just keep rising and flying. The song has 7 parts, so it never comes down. It just climbs for like 7 minutes until you feel like your head will pop off! It's pretty fun to play! Kudos to the boys. Thanks to all my friends who came out to see us! And shiloh for the mashed potatoes after the show. Yow.
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At 4:01 PM, Anonymous Sis*~ said...

I'm honoured to have been able to share a meal with you ...It was TOO COOL hearing you play. Looked like YOU were going to fly up up and away!!

At 2:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

An observation. You sound like Christians who want to glorify God, but, as seen in the other comment left for this post, you seem to be getting the glory instead. All glory should be to God. I believe that music is a great way that we can put God before ourselves by singing and playing music for His glory. What is your band really doing?

At 5:45 PM, Blogger Micah and Katie said...

Hello Anon,

The comment above is from my sister. She is not talking about my pride taking off, but she is talking about how the flow of the song physically made me look like I was flying away. My legs were going and I was jumping and kicking and stuff : ) To answer your question, my "band" (a couple university students trying to relax once a week by jamming out some funk) is participating in a one time variety show for fun. We dressed up like 80's and I even got a mullet cut for the occasion. These are not signs of glory seeking but merely signs of having fun. I think it's ok for a Christian to be in a variety show every now and then.


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