Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Michael Phelps

A tribute to the 2008 Summer Olympics...

1 - There is no need to save the whales, Michael Phelps has saved them all.

2 - Michael Phelps caught Moby Dick. He then let him go because he is just that awesome.

3 - There is no need for an astronaut to go to Mars. Michael Phelps has already been there and swam so much that there is no longer water.

4 - The real reason Poseidon has a magical trident is to protect himself from Michael Phelps.

5 - If you look into the eye of a hurricane you will see Michael Phelps swimming.

6 - Every time Michael Phelps farts in the water a hurricane is formed.

7 - Michael Phelps caused an uproar when he joined the United States Olympic swim team instead of his native Atlantis. The Atlantians blew themselves up in protest.

Jokes "borrowed" from michaelphelpsfacts.com/Welcome.html